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Our team is professional and trained workers who provide specialized cleaning services for homes, offices, and cars. Using the latest and best internationally approved cleaning tools

Home and office cleaning services include a variety of services provided to clients to ensure the cleanliness and readiness of the spaces in which they live or work

Home cleaning services:

  • Room and floor cleaning: Rooms and floors are cleaned and deep cleaned using cleaners suitable for the type of floor, such as carpet, tile or wood. This includes removing dust, dirt and stains
  • Furniture and surface cleaning: This includes cleaning furniture and other surfaces such as walls and furniture using special detergents to ensure that they remain clean and shiny.
  • Bathroom cleaning: Thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, and mirrors. Deposits, stains and grease are carefully removed
  • Kitchen cleaning: Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning utensils, surfaces, the sink, and mirrors, and removing accumulated dirt and grease.
  • Window and glass cleaning: Deeply clean the glass and windows to ensure they are clean and transparent

Office cleaning services

  • Workspace cleaning: includes cleaning and arranging employee offices, reception areas, halls, and public spaces
  • Furniture and Appliance Cleaning: Furniture and electronic appliances are carefully cleaned to ensure longer life and better performance
  • Floor cleaning: Clean the floors using appropriate cleaners to keep the floors clean and looking good
  • Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms: Thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing kitchens and bathrooms to ensure a clean and healthy environment
  • Waste Removal: Empty trash cans and remove waste regularly
  • Window and glass cleaning: Clean windows and glass to maintain natural lighting and a bright appearance
  • Carpet and curtain cleaning: Clean carpets and curtains regularly to keep them clean and refresh their appearance

Home and office cleaning services aim to provide a clean and tidy environment that enhances health and comfort and makes the place more sustainable and ready for use. These services are provided flexibly to meet clients' needs effectively and professionally.

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