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Our team takes major steps to achieve the success of your desired website design. This involves examining the site in question, based on its location, geographic context and customer preferences. With the help of a group of experienced specialists and technicians, the appropriate design of the garden and the plants suitable for planting and coordination are determined.

Our team provides a comprehensive and professional exterior site design and landscaping service. The service includes the following steps:

  • Site Inspection: Our team visits the site to understand its characteristics and the client's requirements. The area and geographical context of the site are studied.
  • Client Consultation: We discuss project details with the client to understand their preferences and specific needs for the garden or exterior site.

  • Determining the Suitable Design: Based on the gathered information, the team determines the appropriate design for the site. This includes selecting architectural elements, colors, and materials.
  • Choosing the Right Plants: Types of plants and trees that suit the geographical area and local climate while meeting the client's taste are selected.
  • Execution and Coordination: Our team of specialists and technicians executes the chosen design with the utmost precision. This includes planting, arranging furniture, and adding decorative details.

This service aims to transform the exterior site into a beautiful and functional space that meets the client's desires and needs while taking into account the site's natural features and required architectural elements.

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