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In all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We offer three types of contracts. One-time service contract (cleaning, maintenance, etc.). Periodic service contract (periodic cleaning, periodic maintenance, etc.). Extended Service Contract (Manpower Supply).

You can request specialized service by contacting us via e-mail or mobile phone.

Visa - National ID card - Absher account number - Selection of the appropriate CV to link the contract.

Philippines, Africa, Indonesia.

From 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Flexibility in providing services that are appropriate for customers before and after the contract, providing labor services to the public and private sectors, and individuals. Providing professional and effective services in the field of labor mediation and providing workforce services to others, ensuring the rights and obligations of the parties involved in mediation operations.

Jeddah - Riyadh - Dammam.

Majalcom Company provides its services to various business companies and sectors, offering integrated solutions and distinguished human resources from different nationalities for various government and private business sectors. This includes providing trained and specialized staff in several fields of work such as maintenance and operation, factories, stores, hotels and restaurants, contracting, transportation, and medical services.

Skilled and qualified manpower with scientific and practical qualifications and experience is insured according to the market needs of the clients, either if available within Saudia Arabia or through approved external recruitment agencies and offices that have been evaluated by the company based on their capabilities, and the quality and efficiency of the individuals selected for the clients of the International Recruitment Company or based on our client's preferences.

The contract duration (24 months) starts from the date of signing the contract between the parties.

Copy of the commercial registration - Establishment number from the labor office to determine entitlement - ID card copy of the authorized person in case of agency delegation to Majalakum Company - Attested by the Chamber of Commerce and ID card copy of the agent - Email and mobile number - VAT certificate - Health license for the medical sector attached to the contract for signature - Cheque characteristic identification and declaration form or copy of the advance payment transfer.

All nationalities and professions authorized by the competent authorities and the Ministry of Labor can supply manpower from them

The times for the manpower supply process vary according to the professions and nationalities required from one country to another, and the period is determined before signing the contract

We provide guarantees related to escape or refusal to work and provide alternatives.

The Ministry of Labor's system does not allow dealing with companies or institutions that have remarked in Ajeer and Nitaq.

Majalcom is committed to the salaries of the workforce, social insurance, individual medical insurance, arrival tickets, entitled leaves, remuneration for entitled leaves, recruitment fees, residency fees, work permit fees, visa fees, medical examination fees, exit and re-entry visa fees, external recruitment office commissions, end-of-service bonuses for individuals, and driving license fees.

Prices vary according to the nationality and professions provided

By contacting the unified number (920020501), via the website, or by e-mail (

Traffic violations - exceeding the allowed limit - suspension of services - non-payment of fees.

Determine the required specialization and the number of workers - contact customer service - and we will provide you with a price quote

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